In skills we Trust

In skills we trust


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tirsdag den 11. marts 2014

an update.

some of u probaly wondering why there is no new post on my blog since january.

well the story goes, i got my drivng license in 19th dec 2013 then i bought a kia picanto the 12th of january 2014 and around the 1th of febuary  my old "diskos prolaps (danish)" "slipped disk (english)" wich was in the starting phase back then came back. 
same situation again, its was at the starting phase so i was able to go to the gym and train there. and that is what ive been doing until now. that and playing shitty games on my iphone in bed.... Yawn...

but about 14 days ago i could start doing normal stuff again so im back in my lure workshop tho only 1-2hours a day since i cant sit down for very long or stand still tho that will pass within the next month...

so the lesson is. dont sit down for 8-10 hours aday over 5-6 years without moving a muscle.. sucks i had to be 31 to learn that and learn it the hard way :/.

mandag den 27. januar 2014

Maws with spinnertails

picture update with maws spinnertails for jiggin jerking an spinning

16cm with out tail 100 gram depth u decided slow sinking couse of tail stays at depth if atached in top steal eye

mixed silver surfer plus 1 crank TF

some mixed silver surfers.

big ones are 16cm 100 gram intermediate sink

small are 12.5cm 45gram depth 30-60cm for shallow summer fishing. 

mixed twisted fate

some mixed twisted fate

16.5cm 90 gram intermediate sink

2 special made twisted fate

2 one of its kind Twisted fate jerkbaits with broken fins 1 pike and 1 kutling

16.5cm 90gram intermediate 

from jerk TF to Crank TF

made some twisted fates into woblers and the action is insane cant wait to go out and try them 4 real

16.5cm 90gram depth 2 of them goes down to 2-3m and other 2 goes down to 4-5 meters.


25cm pike model lure

25cm 130gram depth 3-4 meters 

some small pike models

12.5cm floating bout 40 gram goes down to bout 30cm depth for shallow summer fishing.

fredag den 27. december 2013

balsa trout woblers

so the last 3 month ive become more and more fund of fishing with woblers  in put and take well trout in general. 

poor as i am i decided to try and make some. and i found out it wasnt so hard. basic just scaling everything down from giant to tiny :) 

i made some thats 2.5cm with a single triple tail hook size 10, floating and goes down to about 0.5-1m depth.

and i made some 4-5cm lures aswell all floating and with 2triple  hooks they swim down to 1-1.5m.

was my first atempt and they came out pretty cool next time ill try intermediate / slow sink cant wait to get some fish on them :)

hope ya all had a great chrismas :)

lørdag den 14. december 2013

how to make your own lips for balsa lures

donno if the pictures illustrate it well enough but basicly u need a heating tool a hammer and a hole puncher.

u can buy a hole puncher from size 2mm to size 50mm and probaly even bigger. u can allso make your own from a steel tube that u sharpen as good as u can sharper wont be nessesary.

u can use a gas tourch or a heat gun either way be carefull air bubbles can acure if heated to much or even burn

heres a picture of my setup.

so basicly u heat up the plastic to it goes a little soft then place the hole puncher and give it a good bash with your hammer.

if the plastic isnt heated enough it will either crack and explode. or the hole puncher wont go through. if its to warm and soft it will go out of shape. so yeah play around with it and find the right heat for your thickness of plexi glas or lexan.
if u got some questions feel free to msg me :)

tirsdag den 12. november 2013

2 crank bait from the silver surfer model

still playing around with the idea of making the silver surfer into a crank / wobler version aswell they got a superb action but its still just experimenting

søndag den 10. november 2013

7kg Rainbow trout new pr

Got this 7kg biatch of a rainbow trout today on a class 4-5 fly rod with a homemade fly was a killer 15 min fight. 

Now... Get in my BELLY!!!

Some new lures

I made a new design overall for my jerkbait twisted fate. stencil, eyes, and alot more. i love the turn out and it Will defenetly be apart of all my Future lures

onsdag den 6. november 2013

An upgrade

I upgraded my painting area today with a new Shelf for my paints. Looks great imo :) 

tirsdag den 8. oktober 2013

Rainbow trout 6.5kg

Cought this on a class 4-5 fly rod with home made fly its new pr on fly and in overall

mandag den 7. oktober 2013

Trout hides

Made some trout hide from some of the fish i cought in the weekend thinking ofc fish skin baits but hmmm it would be cool to make a knife sheath i think its called :) would be a fun gift for a put and take fisherman :) 

mandag den 30. september 2013

torsdag den 22. august 2013

heres another summer projekt ive been doing.

i build theese boxes for a forniture my girl friend wanted. i cut them and put them together and she wanted to paint them so that was some great team work right there and i think the turn out was quite amazing.

basicly the idea was to have  them all fit together in the end no matter how you would put them up on top of eachother
so i made the small ones 17.5cm x 35c
the medium ones 35cm x 35cm

then a single 47.5cm x 35cm
and a few 70cm x 35cm

in this way u would allways end up with the same hight.

finally an update on some lures i made over the summer.

as some of u probaly noticed i havnt really updated my blog the  last month. i think the main reason was the summer came and idd rather be out doing stuff such as fishing and outdoorish projekts but heres some of the lures i made over the summer and ill start building again really soon.

 i cant remember if i showed theese or not. so i thought idd add them again, after all i this lure so it wont hurt :).

                           heres 3 new jointed crank baits thats 28 cm and dives to bout 2-4meters

theese 3 i made as a vertical jiggin jerkbait tho i found out they are great as swim baits as well. once they dived wich they do as a sinking jerkbait. and u start retriving they keep the depth. with a kinda rolling action u can add a spinner blade or a soft bait tail or even a triple if u like :)

a few really old lures i had lieing around in some boxes i thought idd finished insted of trashing them i just didnt have the heart for it :).

theese tailbaits was just a spontainious idea, they did catch fish tho i didnt really like the action while jerking tho spin fishing they did good.

this is a glitter pike i made, i actualy made a brown a silver and a green one tho i forgot to take pictures before they were sold couse of a very spontainious buyer came by hehe. so heres a picture of the silver 1.

theese 3 small baby pike are 14.5cm and bout 50gram works superb got alot of fish on them this summer "reason the scratch marks on some of them".

this is a lure a friend of mine made, its hes very first lure so its quite impressive i helped him carve a few things but still mainly him. so i thought it was worth putting on the blog. its 14cm intermediate floating basicly 5cm under the surface.