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In skills we trust


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fredag den 27. december 2013

balsa trout woblers

so the last 3 month ive become more and more fund of fishing with woblers  in put and take well trout in general. 

poor as i am i decided to try and make some. and i found out it wasnt so hard. basic just scaling everything down from giant to tiny :) 

i made some thats 2.5cm with a single triple tail hook size 10, floating and goes down to about 0.5-1m depth.

and i made some 4-5cm lures aswell all floating and with 2triple  hooks they swim down to 1-1.5m.

was my first atempt and they came out pretty cool next time ill try intermediate / slow sink cant wait to get some fish on them :)

hope ya all had a great chrismas :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. very nice little baits, i used to make some for perch too but jigs have pretty much taken over my perch fishing.

  2. A friend posted a link to your blog, and I got interested in you Balsa trout wobler 2.5cm with a single triple tail hook size 10, floating. Now I would like to know their weight and if I could buy some for testfishing?