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In skills we trust


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tirsdag den 11. marts 2014

an update.

some of u probaly wondering why there is no new post on my blog since january.

well the story goes, i got my drivng license in 19th dec 2013 then i bought a kia picanto the 12th of january 2014 and around the 1th of febuary  my old "diskos prolaps (danish)" "slipped disk (english)" wich was in the starting phase back then came back. 
same situation again, its was at the starting phase so i was able to go to the gym and train there. and that is what ive been doing until now. that and playing shitty games on my iphone in bed.... Yawn...

but about 14 days ago i could start doing normal stuff again so im back in my lure workshop tho only 1-2hours a day since i cant sit down for very long or stand still tho that will pass within the next month...

so the lesson is. dont sit down for 8-10 hours aday over 5-6 years without moving a muscle.. sucks i had to be 31 to learn that and learn it the hard way :/.

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